Ahead of the event, we’ve put together this handy guide to help keep your business up to speed on how to prepare for the big day. Below you will find our top tips, including travel information and how to get involved.

Get involved – We would love for your business to benefit from one of the UK’s largest events and there are a number of ways you can get involved. From spectator events to charity cheer points, or Vélo-themed decorations to special food and drink promotions, if you have something special planned for the day, get in touch! Why not take a look at some examples from past years for some inspiration.

Get support through our Community Celebration Programme – Vélo Birmingham & Midlands is committed to helping local businesses and our Community Celebration Programme has been set-up to provide advice and support to businesses, communities or local clubs wanting to put on a special event or activation on the day. This is a fantastic opportunity to create a fun, inclusive and community-spirited occasion that will help you generate exposure and revenue for your business. More information can be found here.

Get featured on our website – If you are a business along the route and inviting the local community and/or spectators to watch from your business, send an email to to be added to our Spectator page .

Plan ahead – Your business will need to plan ahead if it is open for business on a Sunday and/or involves freight, delivery or other transportation, employs a large number of staff or is located on the Vélo Birmingham route. Once our route has been finalised, you will be able to find out if your business is located on or near the route, by checking out our detailed route map, complete with a list of the road closures and their timings. This will be updated on our website in due course.


Here are our top tips for businesses:

Adjust timings – If you have any deliveries / visits on the day before or after the event, please adjust the timings of them to avoid the disruption caused by road closures. You will be able to find information on road closures and their timings on our website in due course.

Consider opening times – It may be worthwhile to consider your business adjusting its opening hours or key operations to fall outside of the road closure times in your area.

Transport – Consider travel arrangements for your staff ahead of time by looking at the best mode of transport, departure time and route.

Park off-route – If your business is located on the route and a certain journey you need to make is unavoidable during the road closure times in your area, we recommend finding alternative parking away from the route before the closure so that you may make your journey. Parking will not be possible anywhere along the route on the day of the event, and any vehicles parked on the route or in suspended parking bays will be removed.

Communicate – Ensure you communicate changes to your plans well in advance to any suppliers, customers and staff.

Evacuation – Please check your building’s emergency evacuation plan and amend it for during the road closure times.

We hope you find these helpful, and if you have any questions about the event or how your business can plan ahead, don’t hesitate to contact us on