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New for 2019 – we’re delighted to launch the Vélo Schools 100 Challenge!

Taking place throughout April, schools from across the Midlands are invited to saddle up and take on a 100-mile challenge of their own! Simply rack up 100 miles of cycling collectively as a school for one week this April to complete this fun and inclusive two-wheeled challenge.

Pupils can choose to rack up those miles by cycling into school, at lunchtime, in PE lessons or on their way home. The challenge will take place throughout any week in April, depending on which suits your school best. All children are invited to take part and each participant can cycle their preferred distance: every little bit of cycling will help your school complete this challenge!

The Vélo Schools 100 challenge is designed to be easy and accessible for any school to get involved in. Simply fill in the registration form below and you will be sent a challenge resources pack which has everything you need to take part. This includes more information on the challenge, some printable Vélo Schools 100 Challenge certificates and a Vélo 100 route map and mileage tracker to help your school track those miles.

It’s free, easy, fun and brings with it all the well-known benefits of cycling such as improved health and cleaner air.

Find out more and sign up below!


Who can take part in The Vélo Schools 100 Challenge?

The Vélo Schools 100 Challenge is open to all schools local to the Vélo Birmingham & Midlands 100-mile cycling event that is taking place on Sunday, May 12th. This therefore includes any schools across the West Midlands and North Warwickshire who fancy taking on a 100-mile challenge of their own! Take a look at the official Vélo Birmingham and Midlands cycling route here to get inspired and see whereabouts your school is located in comparison to the route.

How do schools register to take part?

You simply have to fill in our registration form (see below) and you will be sent the Vélo Schools 100 Challenge resources pack via email, which includes everything you need to get started!

What is included in the challenge resource pack?

The challenge resources pack includes:

–        Detailed information about the challenge and a how to guide

–        A challenge checklist

–        Some facts regarding the environmental and physical benefits of cycling

–        A map and mileage tracker

–        Printable certificates for all the pupils that take part

What do we need to take part?

All you need are some pupils who are keen to take part in the challenge and collectively complete 100 miles of cycling. It is entirely up to your school how you do this. Your school will also need access to bikes for your pupils to complete those miles on. If some pupils do not have access to a bike, we suggest sharing them or using other modes of transport such as scooters. More information and suggestions will be included in the challenge resources pack once you have registered.

How will we record the 100 miles?

Included along with your challenge resource pack will be a downloadable map of the Vélo Birmingham and Midlands 100-mile cycling route along with a mileage tracker. The mileage tracker can be filled in by each participant depending on how far they cycled on that day and the map can be coloured in to show overall progress along the course of the challenge. Your school will therefore be able to keep track whereabouts on the route you are and how many miles you have left to complete the challenge!

What are the benefits of taking part in the challenge for your school?

The many benefits of cycling for both the mental and physical health of the children that choose to get pedalling and the environment are countless! More in depth information of why you should get on your bikes is included in the challenge resource pack. By taking part in the challenge you will also receive access to download our Vélo Schools 100 Challenge certificates for any participants that have taken part along with a Vélo Schools 100 Challenge mileage tracker and map. There’s also an opportunity for the pupil in your school who has completed the most miles towards the challenge to receive one of our Vélo Birmingham and Midlands medals and become a challenge champion!

How to contact Vélo Birmingham & Midlands?

If you have any further questions regarding the Vélo Schools 100 Challenge, then you can email us on and include “Vélo schools 100” in the title. If you have any pictures, stories or feedback from the challenge, then again please drop us an email as we would love to hear from you!

Get Involved on the Day

If your school is feeling inspired following taking part in the Vélo Schools 100 Challenge, then why not come and support all those cyclists tackling the 100-mile route on their own on Sunday, May 12th. We have previously had schools create supportive banners and posters which they have put up along the route or held whilst cheering the cyclists on from road side. We would love to see you there!